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Biotech Concern was formed in 2005 by some young and energetic graduate of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry and pharmacy along with the collaboration of some prominent scientists of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Main driven force of this company along with the CEO has been experienced in the field of Marketing, Pharmaceuticals and research organization. A group of multidiscipline personnel with a view to take part in the research and development of Bangladesh in various fields of Science launch the company named as Biotech Concern. Read More

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Biotech Concern started their journey with Genomics. We have all sorts of products of Genomics. Vari


About proteomics, Biotech Concern is one stop solution for Researchers. We have all types of pro

Cell Culture

Excellent cell culture grade Reagents, FBS, Salts, Water is supplied by Biotech Concern. For your sp


Various types of Dried culture media, antibiotic disc is always in our stock. You can find sterile p

Molecular Diagnostics

If you have a Molecular Diagnostics Lab, then Biotech Concern will be your first choice. All types o

Laboratory Consumables

Biotech Concern always maintain a handsome amount stock of Laboratory Consumables. Search the site,

Oligo & Other Services

10 working days, and you will get your primer! This is our fastest service. Every month you will get


You can find regular laboratory instruments in our product range. Please contact with us about your

Environmental Science

Biotech Concern set up a complete Environmental monitoring Lab for Textile, leather and other indust

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Realtime PCR System
Realtime PCR System

<p>16 well Open qPCR meets your lab desire!</p> <p>Start a run at the lab, view results from your home, or anywhere you have Inte

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  • Author: William Prall
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<p>16 well and 48 well Thermal Cycler with 7inch wide Touch Screen.</p> <p>Made in USA.</p>

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  • Author: William Prall
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